Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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January 2011 Releases

We're pleased to announce Critical Stoic's first four releases, three cassettes and one CD-R.

1. Outpost
2. Fighty Cat
3. Canvas Shoes
4. Watch The Sun Grow Old
5. Cenotes
6. A Small Bee's Nest

Our first release is also Change Leopardon's first physical release, the Juchitán EP. Recorded and released digitally during the summer of 2010,  Ren Sánchez utilizes a variety of techniques and sounds to produce 6 songs about the uncertainties of modern living (some of which you can dance to). Artwork and design by Ren Sánchez. Edition of 50.

Preview the tracks here.

Side A:
1. Red Afternoon
2. Island to Island
3. 15E
4. Summer

Side B:
1. Airport at Dawn
2. Waves Dream
3. Ghost

Our number two release is also by C.L., this time the Gaiden cassette. Also recorded during the summer of 2010, this release finds him utilizing an at times more traditional musical palette of guitar/drums/bass/vocals, while still adding his own brand of electronics and noise to these lo-fi tracks. Toward the end of the tape, we see stylistic elements of previous (and future?) C.L. emerging, before finishing up how he started. Artwork and design by Ren Sánchez. Edition of 100.

Preview the release here.

Side A:
1. Intro
2. Sterile

Side B:
1. Post

The Unsuccessful Fisherman is the recording moniker of Kurt S., a mild mannered woodsman whose appearance would never let on that he is a master of droning, floating dream-pop tinged meditations (as well as falsetto), exemplified by the songs captured on the Characters cassette. This, his first release, is more guitar based, but be on the look out for further releases, in which he explores similar styles, albeit with the aid of keyboards and electronics. Artwork by Elizabeth Renstrom, design by Ren Sánchez. Edition of 50.

Preview the song 'Post' here.

Side A:
1. Untitled

Side B:
1. Untitled

SD (of Images and Last Nights Records) says it best in his own words:

Best described as 1 part minimalist drone workout and 2 parts inner ritual. Recorded during an intense month of nightly improvisation rituals solely consisting of an old yamaha keyboard, three amps, & some pedals. Reminiscent of certain elements of Spacemen 3, Terry Riley, the New Age, & vintage video game ambience.

Produced in an edition of 50 hand-made cassettes. Each is accompanied with a single page from SD's personal copy of Aleister Crowley's Book of Law serving as their cover art.

Design by SD and Ren Sánchez. Edition of 50.

Preview a track (Side B) from this release here.

To order any of these releases, email us at critstoic@gmail.com

All releases are $5.00


Greetings, and welcome. After a bit of work, we are proud to bring Critical Stoic into the internet age. Our label is still young, but keep watching this blog for any news on current and future releases. We plan on bringing you a wide variety of music, as can be seen and heard from the first couple of releases we've put together already. We also hope to collaborate with visual artists for various projects, not the least of which being a series of zines. In addition, any news on performances by any of our artists will be cataloged here. If you wish to contact us, feel free to do so by contacting us at the email to the right.

Ren Sánchez, c/o Critical Stoic